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XX days of cloud - Interview Edition

Ok, you can learn cloud forever, but if you want to pass your cloud focused interviews, that is a different story. This challenges give you tips, has a section of difficult questions at the end and designs for you to analyze. If you are serious take this challenge. if you survive, you have a good chance in a standard level cloud interview

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xx days of cloud

A 90 Day challenge

See some of the older challenges. Feel free to be creative and build your own.

90 days of cloud 2020 30 days of GCP cases

Released in 2023

I got the opportunity to work with the author Dan Sullivan and the team at Wiley as a technical editor on this book. It covers relevant topics for the certification. It great to supplement your video and hands on labs

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xx days of cloud


Need some controlled timed hands on lab time? Check out Qwiklabs.

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Interesting Books

A good book is a keeper. Check these out.

Ahead in the Cloud
The Phoenix Project The Unicorn Project

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